Triumph Group was established in the early twentieth century, initially engaged in real estate investment projects. Along with the economic trend, and the outbreak of European debt crisis in 09-10 years, the economic situation became increasingly severe, and the downward pressure of interest rates doubled, these made the investment risk of real estate extremely high.Under the circumstances, to achieve diversified asset allocation, the group began to transform and develop other businesses, involved in other industries of different areas, and became among the financial services area to mainly develop financial investment projects. Until now, Triumph Group has been widely known to the investors in the financial area.

The pace of Triumph Group has been close to the trends of international economy and trade. In recent years, China's economic development has kept growing and internationalizing, under such a circumstance, it is imperative to open the mainland market. We have already set up branches and recruited agents widely in the mainland, continued to attract more mainland investors and explored the mainland financial investment market.

Through developing diversified business over these years, Triumph Group has become the current group enterprise from the original small business. Today, our business scope covers real estate, construction, finance, information technology and catering. In pursuit of the business objectives, we are also committed to redounding upon society and fully support charity, the diversified development of the group also brings more employment opportunities to the community to fulfill the social responsibility of the corporate.

After years of efforts, Triumph Group has developed a solid business foundation. Towards the 21st century, Triumph Group continues to uphold the concept of integrity and pragmatism, exerts itself to the utmost to serve the customers and provides professional advice to investors, meanwhile, it is committed to creating greater space for development, to meet the huge development opportunities of China and overseas in the future.