Spot Gold

Precious metals are rare nonferrous metals, including gold and silver, which can be traded as commodities on the global spot or futures markets. Spot gold (London gold) is a financial derivative product, whose price represents the current price of physical gold, and the daily turnover can be up to 3 trillion. Compared with the gold futures, spot gold is contracted to trade through using the lever principle with 24 hours over-the-counter ( OTC ) way, the price is quoted in a bilateral pattern, investors can buy or sell the contracts to earn the profits from the difference between the prices in the market condition that the price of gold rises or falls.

Silver Coin

Silver coins are unique in the world investment coin field, which are well received by domestic and foreign collection, investment enthusiasts all the time. Now, the company can provide customized physical silver coin trading services, which are the top product of value-added investment and gifts. For further details, please contact the company.

999.9 Gold Bullion

Investors can gain diversified opportunities for precious metals trading from Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited, and can trade 9999 gold bullion approved by The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society. All transactions can be settled in Hong Kong dollars and US dollars, which is very convenient. Investors can make full use of the characteristics of gold that are inflation prevention, maintain value, strong hedging and easy to cash out, to carry out effective asset management.

White Label

      • Through the White Label program of Triumph Gold, you will be able to take advantage of our relationship and our technology to develop your business!
      • Benefits of joining Triumph Gold White Label:
      • - Having a trading platform with your own company name and logo
      • - Reducing initial capital requirements and operating costs
      • - low transaction commission
      • - lower spread
      • Through our top infrastructure, you will be able to focus on the most important tasks - marketing and expanding more customers!
      • Each white label is customized for our partners and is committed to providing a low-cost and high-return business background for White Label operators.
      • Join at once! Please contact our company for more details.