Investor protection

Supervision guarantee

Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited is jointly operated and managed by Triumph Limited and Great Bright International Holdings Limited( the financial, management and operating conditions are all in line with the strict standards of the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange Society, and it is a dealer of London gold and London Silver recognized by the Hong Kong Gold & Silver Exchange Society. The company has a dedicated risk management and audit team to verify the financial and operational data and to make regular reports to the relevant organizations.

Fund's Safety

The funds of customers and the operating funds of Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited are separately deposited in different bank accounts, which can ensure the independence of customer funds. The company shall not use funds of customers without the permission of customers. A variety of payment methods are supported to make customer access convenient and fast, at the same time, Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited has an efficient financial team to ensure that the customer's payment arrives on time.

Transaction security

Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited is committed to ensuring that the site is safe and conforms to the industry standards, and uses other data protection tools, such as firewalls, authentication systems (passwords and personal identification numbers, etc.) and manipulation mechanisms to control unauthorized system entry and access to data.

Privacy protection

Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited strictly abides by the privacy protection laws and regulations, and formulates a rigorous customer information protection process and confidentiality system to ensure that customer privacy information will not be disclosed. In addition to obtaining the approval of the legislation, Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited will not disclose any non-public information to anyone.

Fair trade (no slippage)

In the traditional platform, the trader will get different price from the actual quotation on the market. A single trader liquidity provider will give you a worse price than that of the market.

While at Triumph Gold, no trader will influence your price.

In the no-trader platform execution mode, Triumph Gold will select the best bid and the best selling prices among our liquidity providers(including Global Banking and financial institutions), and then sent these prices to your platform.

Through keep competition in the market, the no-trader platform execution mode ensures that the price is market-driven, fair and equitable, besides, there will not be re-quoted and no dealer intervention.