The bonus for new account

New account can obtain a bonus up to $ 30,000

If you are a new customer of the company, TRIUMPH GOLD welcomes you and you can receive up to 50% bonus!



Your purchasing power is up to


Withdrawing your profits freely


Take advantage of our award-winning and outstanding order execution*


Get personalized support and the free one-to-one training course with customer manager**

How to get the bonus

Open your first TRIUMPH GOLD transaction account

Deposit the amount eligible to the bonus qualification

Contant to receive the bonus

Features of bonus

The bonus is issued in the form of a credit

You can withdraw your profits as long as your balance is kept above the amount of the initial deposit

The lever is set to 1: 200

Once the transaction requirements have been met, the bonus can be withdrawn:

Bonus Amount / 8 = Standard board lot demand

If the bonus has not yet been converted into balance, it will expire after 12 months