Refer fee 5%

Recommending Triumph GOLD to your friends and family

We provide attractive and competitive commissions, and safe capital management can make you assured.

Refer Rewards

After becoming our customer, more rewards are waiting for you to receive! As long as you are successful in recommending your family or friends to open an account and deposit funds in the company, the recommender can receive up to 5% of the funds deposited as commission reward!

No commission cap, no recommended cap! As long as you successfully recommend new customers and deposits, you can get the reward!

For further details please contact the staff.


The recommended person shall provide the account number of the referrer as a record at the time of opening the account.

The recommended person needs to deposit funds during the promotion period.


  • The commission will be calculated as the first funds deposited into the account by the recommended person
  • The funds shall not be withdrawn, otherwise the commission will be reduced in proportion, and the surviving funds later will not be counted
  • The commission shall be based on the amount of funds on the last day of the settlement month
  • The commission payment period is up to 12 months
  • The commission will be issued to the account of the recommender in monthly form
  • Once the funds are cleared, the reward will be paid off in real time

All relevant term conditions and execution are finalized by the Triumph Gold administrator