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The information contained in this website is for informational purposes only. Therefore, it can not be regarded by any person within any jurisdiction as a proposal or an instigation--within the jurisdiction, such a proposal and an instigation is unauthorized, or to make such a proposal or instigation for any person are illegal; such a proposal or instigation, also can not be regarded as a recommended purchase, sale or other special investment transactions. It is strongly recommended that you have an independent investment, financial, legal and tax advice before making any investment. Any content of this website shall not be interpreted as an investment advice of Triumph Int. (Gold) Limited, or its any affiliated company, director, senior staff or employees.

The nature of the investment in financial instruments is that not all financial instruments are applicable to everyone, unless the client himself/herself:

  • knowledgeable on investment matters,
  • can bear the economic risks of investment,
  • understand the risks in the investment; and
  • believed that the investments they make apply to their specific investment objectives and financial needs.
  • If non professional investors invest in financial instruments, we recommend investing only part of the funds that investors have intended to invest for a long time.

Before making any investment in financial instruments, we recommend that all investors should consult a professional investment adviser.

Triumph Int. (Gold) Limitedreserves the right to retain any invalid uncovered positions and its subsequent clearance within 1 minute. Any profits, losses, and / or commissions arising from such transactions may be deemed invalid.

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